Center for Advanced Technology in Health and Wellbeing

Francesca Sacchitelli

Francesca Sacchitelli

Location: DIBIT2 C1, Floor 5, Room 4a

Nutritionist, Center for advanced technology in health and wellbeing

Francesca Sacchitelli, Nutritionist, received a Bachelor’s Degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology and a Master Degree in Biology applied to the Science of Nutrition.

From 2014 she has been working at IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele in the Center for advanced technology in health and wellbeing on several EU FP7 and H2020 Projects.

She worked also on a local project named SMART-BREAK - Bialetti REstoration Adaptive Kit, focused on developing a small appliance with a high technological content, consisting of a modular system serving hot food, hot and cold drinks and profiling users’ behaviours through a food diary. She works also in a private practice as a Dietitian.

Her competences and research interests are oriented on developing nutritional contents for fostering a good nutritional education and caring of people with food diseases.