Translational Genomics and Bioinformatics



Giovanni Tonon



Excellent research is already a standard in several biomedical areas in Ospedale San Raffaele. By taking advantage of the excellent clinical environment coupled to the outstanding basic research carried out at Ospedale San Raffaele, the center will allow the Institute as a whole to advance towards integrative translational research. Biomedicine is quickly transforming the diagnostic and cure-delivering processes, which, we strongly believe, will be further enhanced by both –omics and bioinformatics methodologies and the complex network analyses that can be derived from them.


The center houses 6 research units and 2 core facilities, in an interdisciplinary environment involving biologists and medical doctors alongside computer scientists, mathematicians and statisticians. The Center is located in the DIBIT2 building, and currently includes 20 scientists. This environment makes it possible to interpret and rapidly utilize data produced by cutting edge technologies in areas such as genomics and metabolomics.

Recent strategic investments have allowed the Center to acquire state of the art laboratory instruments and IT infrastructure. Due to its transversal nature the Center also encompasses research groups which have a secondary affiliation to the Center, i.e. groups which are affiliated to a research division but which, owing to the nature of their research line, interact closely with the Center.

Research activity

The Center for Translational Genomics and Bioinformatics strongly supports as well as initiates novel, interdisciplinary research that will project IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele towards tackling disease through -omics driven translational approaches. The Center acts as a catalyst for innovative research projects by complementing existing research lines across the Institute with high throughput technologies, quantitative methods, and powerful data mining techniques. The goal of the center is to produce original high-impact research in the fields of translational -omics and bioinformatics, to enrich and enhance research occurring within other divisions and departments with these disciplines, as well as to foster novel collaborative projects across the Institute.

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The Center offers high specialized services both for internal and external researchers. These services can be divided into sequencing protocols (genome sequencing, RNA-seq, sequencing of synthesis nucleic acids, MeDIP-seq, BS-seq, targeted re-sequencing) and bioinformatics analysis (genome profiling, transcriptome profiling, epigenome profiling, functional analysis and experimental designs). Among the services, the new Illumina Mouse Chip Replacement.

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