Center for Translational Genomics and Bioinformatics


The Center for translational genomics and bioinformatics offers several services aimed at improving the research activities of molecular mechanisms of disease as well as improving prevention, diagnosis and clinical care  for hospital patients. All the services are available both for external and internal researchers.

Here a list of services offered:



Genome profiling

Whole genome sequencing
Exome sequencing
Targeted re-sequencing
Cancer genomics
Genetic diseases

Transcriptome profiling

Small RNA-seq
Microarray data

Epigenome profiling

Methylation data
Immunoprecipitation data

Functional analysis

Experimental designs

Whole-genome sequencing (large genomes)

Whole-genome sequencing
(small genomes, e.g. prokaryotic, mitochondrial)

Human whole-exome sequencing


Sequencing of synthesis nucleic acids (PCR products, aptamers, ChIP products, 2C)


Bisulfite sequencing (BS-seq)

Small RNA-seq

Target re-sequencing

RDA details

Only for Ospedale San Raffaele's e Fondazione Centro San Raffaele's clients:

  • SAP Material code: 40005426 for Sequencing – 40005427 for Bioinformatic Analysis Supplier code: 164 (OSR)
  • Codice Fornitore: 164 (OSR)

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