In vivo structural and molecular neuroimaging

In vivo structural and molecular neuroimaging


Head of Unit

Daniela Perani


The research projects of the Unit include molecular neuroimaging with PET, structural and functional neuroimaging with MRI with the aim to investigate in vivo the pathophysiology of neurological diseases and the neural correlates of cognitive functions in the norm and in pathology. This is a complex research field allowing the measurement of functional and biochemical brain processes such as glucose metabolism, neurotransmission systems, the burden of pathology as amyloid and tau protein, and neuroinflammation.

The use of these techniques provide crucial evidence for brain plasticity and reserve, for the effects of brain aging and, particularly for the molecular PET imaging, supportive features for the early and differential diagnosis in the diagnostic criteria of neurodegenerative dementias. The research Unit is part of several national and international multicentric projects and of European Networks of Excellence.