Metabolism, nutrigenomics and cell differentiation

Ileana Terruzzi

Ileana Teruzzi

Location: DIBIT1, Floor 1s

Group leader, Metabolism, nutrigenomics and cell differentiation Unit

The research activity of Dr. Terruzzi has always focused on the study of endocellular metabolic processes underlying insulin resistance, diabetes and obesity. Initially, as a Research Fellow and Research at IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele, she carried out studies of cellular and molecular biology in experimental models in vitro, in vivo and ex vivo, investigating the interaction of amino acids with the insulin signal. Subsequently, as Group leader of Metabolism, nutrigenomics and cell differentiation Unit, she focused the research on the mimetic insulin properties of micronutrients including resveratrol, betaine, conglutin and carnitine, and their impact in physiological and pathological conditions. In detail, she studied the mechanisms of action, the anabolic, regenerative and therapeutic potentials of nutraceuticals in tissues and organs at risk of complications in the metabolic syndrome (skeletal muscle, bone, heart, liver, kidneys). The identification by Dr. Terruzzi of the insulin mimetic role played by the glycoprotein conglutin  (contained in the lupine seed) in muscle differentiation and hypertrophy, has given rise to an international patent (patent N US8609161).

Currently, Dr. Terruzzi research activity goal is also to study the potential effects of the combined use of nutraceuticals and electromagnetic fields in vitro in order to identify innovative therapeutic approaches in tissue regeneration.