Ospedale San Raffaele visits schools throughout Milan – bringing free, one-day programs designed to deliver a unique experience of science understanding – and welcomes students in the research labs. Participants directly engage in hands-on activities about cell biology – DNA extraction, sequencing and analysis – fluorescence biomedical applications and microscopy.


Open labs

Schools are welcomed to visit the hospital campus, the research labs and the university facilities. Visiting San Raffaele represents an interactive and fun opportunity to be in touch with the forefront of biomedical research and to meet the men and women behind it: young researchers from all over the world, that turn into guides and speakers, telling the most interesting aspects of their day-to-day work. Schools' classes will be guided through a brief tour of the campus, perform some hands-on actitvity in the university educational laboratory and visit a lab guided by the researchers who work in it.


In-school activities

Ospedale San Raffaele directly reach out to students in Milan schools, bringing into their classrooms real biotechnology experiments, the expertise of its best scientists and the enthusiasm of young researchers. Only in 2016/2017, the institutional project — done in collaboration Associazione Mercurio, called "Da Grande Anch’io" — reached out approximately 40 classes in 8 different schools, meeting more 900 students and involving around 40 researchers.

Beside the institutional program, Ospedale San Raffaele is open to deliver tailor-made activities upon specific requests coming from single schools. Among past laboratories:

  • Learning how to eat properly with robot NAO, for teaching the students the secrets of healthy and sustainable nutrition;
  • Guess who’s a researcher, for braking down prejudices and preconceptions about research and who makes it;
  • HeLa, the immortal cells of Henrietta Lacks, the incredible story of the first immortal cell line ever discovered and the most used in research laboratories around the world, in which science, ethics and society intersect;
  • Cellular rainbow, a curious journey in the world of biological fluorescence and how it’s used in biomedical research.



Get in touch

To request a visit for the school year 2017-2018 please contact us.
Outreach office: quadri.nicola@hsr.it | rossi.sofiaerica@hsr.it