Omics Sciences

Marynka Ulaszewska


Location: DIBIT2 C1, Floor 4, Room 47a

Researcher, Metabolomics&Proteomics
Researcher, ProMeFa

Marynka is a chemist specialized in mass spectrometry and metabolomics. Her scientific spirit has driven her through the most advanced and cut-edge projects dedicated to analytical improvements in clinical sciences, human health, and molecular nutrition performed in different countries. She studied analytical chemistry in Poland and Spain. Then, she obtained a PhD from Università Degli Studi di Milano (Italy) in human biomonitoring. Just after, she received a Marie Curie Post-doc Fellowship from AMAROUT at IMDEA AGUA (Spain). She spent eight years in Fondazione Edmund Mach in Trento developing analytical methods for targeted and untargeted metabolomics for biological tissues and designing state-of-art workflows to identify biomarker metabolites related to the health status.

Currently, she works at the Center for Omics Sciences, at IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele. The core of her scientific activities focuses on the mechanistic link between metabolome profiling - microbiome structure/function and regulation of host physiology. Her investigations aim to prevent CVDs, obesity and related diseases via diet, and the use of a combination of metabolomics and clinical measurements as a base for personalized nutrition. She loves mass spectrometry structure elucidation and bioinformatics tools, facilitating this procedure.

She believes in scientific progress through collaboration and knowledge sharing. Thus she founded a website where she shares information related to metabolomics, mass spectrometry, nutrition, plant biology She also teaches post-docs and PhD students the Nutri-metabolomics workflow highlighting wet-lab tips&tricks.