Daniele Zacchetti

Email: zacchetti.daniele@hsr.it
Location: DIBIT1 A3, Floor 3, Room 58

Senior researcher, Cellular neurophysiology Unit

Daniele Zacchetti and his colleagues investigate the steps in the neurodegenerative process by working with primary neuronal/glial cultures and cell lines. With cellular and molecular approaches, the aim is to dissect the pathogenetic events of neurodegenerative diseases and to understand the role of astrocyte and microglia activation in neuronal survival.

In particular, Daniele Zacchetti is trying to characterize the ways in which physiological and pathological stimuli can activate glial cells and the corresponding changes in their phenotype, including the secretion of proteins and small molecules affecting neuroinflammatory processes, neuronal activity and survival. Moreover, he investigates the expression of beta-secretase enzyme (BACE1) as a possible in Alzheimer’s disease