Support offices

Grant Office

The mission of IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele's Grants Office is to support the scientific community both in the pre-award and in the post-award phase of grant applications.

Our first goal is to assist scientists in preparing the best possible proposal, both by contributing to the proposal development and by taking care of the administrative burden of the project’s submission. Once funds are awarded, our goal is to support scientists in the activation and management of the grant.

In order to submint a successful proposal, a competent and prepared investigator needs an original and creative idea and strong preliminary data supporting it. Crafting a well-developed proposal in response to the appropriate funding opportunity is the second step in the process, a step the Grants Office can significantly contribute to with its professional team.




About us

The Grants Office team members have diverse backgrounds: some of us have extensive past experience in research labs, while others have a strong know-how in project management. We have both technical and administrative skills to appropriately complement the PIs scientific know-how in the submission process.

Support provided


  • Administrative support for application (excluding budget review and validation)
  • Information on funding opportunities
  • Advice on application strategy
  • Provision of institutional texts
  • Contribution to the proposal development
  • Critical non-scientific review of the application