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IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele gathers a wide range of talented scientists and clinicians devoted to basic, clinical and translational research, whose know-how can greatly benefit pharma and biotech companies. The concomitant presence in San Raffaele Hospital of research laboratories and clinical departments provides an integrated and appealing pipeline going from bench to bedside and back.

The institute is involved in multiple partnerships with pharma and biotech companies, with different focus:

  • preclinical validation of company’s proprietary drugs on animal models and in vitro cell-systems;
  • sponsorship of specific research programs with the purpose of a privileged access to patentable results;
  • strategic alliances on specific areas of excellence.


*data in year 2021
Industry collaborationIndustry collaboration




Some of our most recent agreements with world-renowned companies demonstrate both the excellence of our research and the opportunities it provides to the industrial sector:

Orchard Therapeutics | Intellia Therapeutics | Merck Serono | Antares Vision | Antios Therapeutics | Dompè Farmaceutici | Genenta Science Genespire | Chroma Medicine | Menarini | Moderna Inc. | Miltenyi Biotech

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At 2021, San Raffaele's portfolio holds 95 patent families (patented technologies), corresponding to 625 patents and patent applications. These patents cover a broad range of biomedical applications and the groundbreaking research behind them can be a precious ally for your industrial activity.

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Patent licensing is just one of many collaboration opportunities with the San Raffaele Hospital. A broad range of services, tools and technological platforms is available for solving challenges faced by biotech industries in addition to innovating their activities.

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