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The Proteomics and Metabolomics Facility (ProMeFa) provides different analytical approaches aimed at structurally characterizing small molecules, peptides and proteins. The Facility is equipped with state-of-the-art mass spectrometers and has access to the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) instrument within the Consorzio 7C (Ronzoni Istitute for Chemical and Biochemical Research, Milan). Mass spectrometry and NMR are crucial techniques, which give a major contribution to the description and understanding of biological processes at the molecular level.


The goal of the Facility is to assist scientists in their research on a fee-for-service basis, covering all the operating costs, including consumables, time-machine and technical support.

ProMeFa services can be divided in:

  • Biochemical Services
  • Mass Spectrometry Services
  • Proteomics Services
  • Metabolomics Services

All the services comprise appropriate scientific consultancy, interpretation of the results, a report on the analytical data signed by the facility manager.

Guidelines and detailed protocols for sample preparation are available here
Request form for internal and external users are available here: 

  • Mass spectrometry service, Internal users | download
  • Mass spectrometry service, External users | download
  • NMR service, Internal users | download
  • NMR service, External users | download
  • Protein biochemistry service, Internal users | download
  • Protein biochemistry service, External users | download

Access info

Due to the complexity and cost of some of the equipment, only the staff of the facility has direct access to the machines. Interested people can be trained upon request. Samples are accepted every day.

ProMeFa is located in Dibit 2, San Gabriele 2, C1, 4th floor (mass spectrometry services) and at Dibit 2, Basilica A3, 3rd floor (NMR and protein biochemistry services).

First time users and anyone wanting to submit large numbers of samples at once (more than 15) are urged to contact the Facility prior to sample submission. The sample(s) has to be shipped together with the filled request form/order. ProMeFa strongly suggest contacting the staff of the Facility before filling in any request form, in order to define exactly the activity to be carried out on the samples.

Here you can find some frequently asked questions: FAQs.