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Riccardo Rosati



Gastro Center collects professionals from various specialities to collaborate in a strongly connected setting to improve research and care of diseases affecting the upper gastrointestinal tract.  The multidisciplinary approach with representatives of different disciplines is the milestone of optimal care and support to patients. Our approach is focused on clinic, and includes a special interest in research, clinical and translational, with cooperation between basic science and the real word of everyday medicine, aiming to treat the single patient as well as sustain the scientific environment to achieve scientific knowledge. A particular personalized approach is guaranteed to all the patients that are continuously monitored in all the phases of their care process (pre-hospital, in-hospital, follow-up after discharge) thanks to the active presence of the “navigator nurse”.  All the data are securely managed by a professional data manager.

Our goals include effective prevention by screening and managing of risk factors, prompt diagnosis and rapid referral, prompt access to best care. Moreover, our rich bio-bank, is used for molecular and genetic research.

Diagnosis and treatment are specifically designed upon the patient complains and needs, to improve outcomes, by sharing information weekly on our multidisciplinary team meeting and promptly plan and manage future steps.


Malignancy of the upper GI tract is the major field of interest.  The multidisciplinary team includes different figures involved in the diagnostic, clinic and research pathway:

  • surgeons,
  • gastroenterologists,
  • oncologists,
  • radiologists,
  • radiation oncologists,
  • nuclear medicine physicians,
  • pathologists,
  • anesthesiologists and pain management team specialist,
  • biologists,
  • physiotherapists,
  • nurses,  

Functional and benign disease of the esophagus are also matter of separate meetings with dedicated gastroenterologist and expert physiopathologists.


The team has a strong focus on multidisciplinary education and research in all the aspects of upper GI and collaborates with Vita-Salute University School of Medicine.  Our center promotes mentoring of younger physicians, medical students and international fellows who are involved in clinical practice and research activities.  Web courses with live procedures and webinars, are regularly offered.

Our research fields include every clinical and pre-clinical phases, ranging from genetics and immunology of upper-GI cancers to most advanced surgical techniques, and to clinical management of patients with particular attention to pre, intra, and post-operative settings.