Core facilities

Mouse behavior


Facility manager

Patrizia D'Adamo


Mutant mouse technology represents a powerful mean to investigate the genetic basis of behaviour and to elucidate the mechanisms underlying human disease. Our mission is to assist investigators in the design and execution of their experiments by providing cutting edge technologies drawing a phenotypic profile of mouse models with different disorders. Thus, the facility unwavering mission is to give every model and/or drug its best chance to succeed. The Mouse Behaviour Facility offers a plethora of tests adapted to the mouse. These tests include analysis of sensory responses, motor skills, cognitive functions and social behaviours. The tests can be used as a package for the phenotypical characterization of genetically modified mice or as screening of potential therapies. Additionally, a test panel can be customized to answer to a specific scientific question.


The Mouse Behaviour Facility is on the rooftop of 2A1 Dibit1. Six rooms and a separate laundry area compose it. In details, the facility is provided with 2 housing rooms with a total capacity of 144 cages in inverted light/dark-cycle (dark: 8am-8pm; light: 8pm-8am), and 4 fully equipped behavioural testing rooms. 

The accomplishment of a Badge Interview and attendance to Animal Experimental Course are mandatory to access to the facility.