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Core manager

Chiara Villa


CSQ 2015

Flow cytometry Resource, Advanced Cytometry Technical Applications Laboratory (FRACTAL) is a core facility of IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele that offers state-of-the-art instrumentation and analysis techniques to the scientific community. Flow cytometry is an evolving field with a wide range of applications that includes immunophenotyping, cell division and apoptosis, cell activation, intracellular pH shifts, phagocytosis, oxidative burst and much more. The core facility offers assisted cell sorting services for characterizing, separating and purifying populations of particles as diverse as beads, micro-particles and cells. 


» Develop strategies and technologies that will foster collaboration between IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele and other scientific institues.

» Provide regularly scheduled workshops and individual training sessions.

» Continually seek external funding to update and upgrade instrumentation and to keep up with technological advances in the field.


The services currently being offered on a routine basis both to internal and external researchers are:

  • Sorting all cell sorting activity is performed by our trained specialists.
  • Analysis (independent or assisted/supervised): flow cytometry analyzers are made available and maintained for researchers to perform analyses on a “self-service” basis.
  • Training: basic training, theoretical and instrument use training courses are offered on a regular basis.

Independent use of analyzers
Users are allowed unassisted use upon evidence of proficiency. Training in the use of the instruments is available on either an individual or group basis for a fee after which a user may be able to operate the instrument independently.

Assisted/Supervised use
The facility’s staff will assist researchers in using FRACTAL strumentation, and will provide information for the preparation of samples for cytometric analysis. Samples must be prepared at the investigator’s lab and must be in good condition prior to loading onto the instrument. Guidelines for sample preparation will be discussed prior to preparation, and well before presentation of the samples to the cytometers.

NOTE: non-standard or special instruments configurations may be requested for your particular needs.