Urological Research Institute



Andrea Salonia


Deputy Director

Alberto Briganti


The Urological Research Institute holds unique opportunities to address and investigate a variety of aspects of urogenital disorders (epidemiological, genetic, molecular, cellular, physiological and pharmacological) of immediate relevance for individual patients as well as health-care systems. Our research program aims at producing an inspiring scientific environment where clinical research and basic research in urology and urological pharmacology interact on a daily basis.


The Urological Research Institute, located in San Michele 2 building of IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele campus, performs its activity in close collaboration with the clinical urological unit of IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele. It is composed by 4 clinical research units and 4 basic research labs.

URI translational research projects are possible also thanks to an impressive volume of biological samples stored in a dedicated biobank and of data collected by more than 30.000 patients during the years.


The Urological Research Institute studies a variety of urogenital pathologies, with a special focus on prostate, bladder and renal tumors, as well as sexual and reproductive dysfunctions.

Basic research projects

  • Genetics factors and inheritance of prostate cancer;
  • Nanotechnologies for effective delivering of chemotherapy in bladder cancer;
  • Extracellular microenvironment in prostate/bladder tumors and in male infertility.

Clinical research projects

  • The role of hormones as a risk and severity factor in prostate cancer;
  • The efficacy of radiotherapy in urogenital tumors;
  • Factors involved in the emergence of urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction after surgery;
  • Spreading patterns of metastasis from urogenital tumors;
  • Conservative renal surgery and therapeutic efficacy of lymph nodes removal in urogenital tumors surgery treatment;