Experimental Imaging Center

Medical Physics


Head physician

Antonella Del Vecchio


Research activity


The main research lines of modern RT are investigated; several papers have been published (10-15 papers/year) on International Journals regarding:

  • Radiobiological models to correlate dosimetric/clinical data with outcome (toxicity, local control) for many diseases.
  • The definition of imaging-related indices (based on CT/PET/MR images) acquired before/during treatment as early predictors of the treatment response.
  • The validation of “knowledge-based” models for semi-automatic plan optimization in RT
  • The multi-modal images acquisition to monitoring the early modifications induced by radiation in order to define adaptive strategies. An advanced approach has been implemented in neo-adjuvant radio-chemotherapy of rectal cancer.
  • PET/CT radiomic for better tumor characterization and monitoring treatment response.
  • SBRT & tracking with robotic radiosurgery.
  • Adaptive Radiotherapy & response-guided adaptation for individual RT optimization.
  • Peripheral dose modelling and secondary cancer induction following RT treatments.

Several collaborations with national and international groups have been consolidated on different projects.


  • Several collaborations with Radiology and Neuroradiology DPTs in order to continuously optimize the execution of imaging procedures on advanced technological units.
  • Cardiac MR T1 mapping technique and extracellular volume fraction (ECV).
  • Multicentre studies to determine the performances of new imaging devices.
  • As indicated by Euratom 59/2013 guideline, detailed analysis of systems for recording the patient dose related to radiological examinations.
  • Several collaborations with national groups for the definition of national guidelines.


  • Cyclotron decommissioning. In collaboration with Physics DPT UNIMI, comparison between Monte Carlo simulations and experimental verifications of activated components of a 18 MeV protons Cyclotron.
  • In collaboration with industrial partners, a project for a new personal dosimeter based on solid state detector. The accumulated dose is transmitted to a common database.