Experimental Imaging Center

Radiation therapy


Head of Unit

Nadia Di Muzio


The radiation oncology unit mission is to contribute to the elimination of cancer by improving radiation therapy and optimizing the integration of radiotherapy into multidisciplinary approaches. Advances in the precision of radiation planning and delivery technology, and in the field of biomedical imaging  are chaging the future of radiation oncology.

Research activity

  • Treosulfan and total-marrow irradiation (TMI) based conditioning with Rapamycin-based GvHD prophylaxis for allogeneic stem cell transplantation in patients with high-risk hematological malignancies.
  • Salvage radiotherapy(RT) +/- whole pelvis irradiation after radical prostatectomy Phase III, randomized, prospective, multicentric trial
  • Longitudinal evaluation of intestinal and hematological toxicity from pelvic RT for prostate cancer
  • Urinary and Erectile Dysfunction after high-dose external-beam RT for clinically localized prostate cancer
  • Hypofractionated TomoTherapy Treatment (HTT) in Prostate Cancer Lymph Nodal Relapse Detected by 11C-Choline PET/CT
  • Clinical evaluation and Prognostic Value of pre-therapy 18 FDG PET-CT for the outcome of 18 FDG PET-guided SIB-IMRT in patients with locally advanced Head and Neck cancer
  • Clinical evaluation of moderate Hypofractionated 18 FDG PET-guided IMRT in patients with locally advanced Non Small Cell Lung Cancer
  • Clinical evaluation of postoperative SIB-IMRT in surgical resected Head and Neck cancer patients.
  • Clinical evaluation of moderate Hypofractionated IMRT in inoperable or recurrent Non Small Cell Lung cancer or metastatic pulmonary lesions
  • Neoadjuvant Adaptive RT with Helical TomoTherapy and concomitant Chemotherapy for Rectal Adenocarcinoma
  • Definition of predictive model regarding xerostomia in patients treated for head and neck cancer
  • Evaluation of genetic profile in prostate cancer patients showing high grade of toxicity after TomoTherapy or IMRT
  • Extreme Hypofractionated (EH)RT for the treatment of lung, liver,spine and pancreatic lesions
  • Preoperative Ablative RT on cancerous nodule associated or not to hypofractionated EBRT to the entire gland in breast cancer
  • EH RT in low risk and selected intermediate risk prostate cancer patients