Cardiovascular research

Roberto Chiesa

Roberto Chiesa

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Head, Vascular surgery Unit
Full professor, Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele

From 1983-1986 he attended, as “Assistant Etranger”, the Claude Bernard University in Lyon (Hopital Edouard-Herriot, France) carrying out specialization and research activities regarding abdominal and peripheral vascular surgery and kidney and pancreas transplants. From 1986-1987 he attended the Thoracic and Cardiac Surgical Unit (Hare eld Hospital-Hare eld, Middlesex, United Kingdom) to increase experience in surgery of the thoracic-abdominal aorta and in cardiac surgery (heart transplants). Since 1995 he has regularly attended the Baylor College of Medicine/ The Methodist Hospital – Houston, Texas headed by Professor Joseph S. Coselli to increase experience in the surgery of aneurysms of the thoracic and thoracic-abdominal aorta.

Member of the most prestigious Italian and International Vascular Surgery Societies. Author of 9 monographs and more than 700 scienti c papers; lecturer on matters concerning vascular surgery at more than 300 national and international congresses. Scienti c coordinator of the Vascular Update Journal which concerns the regular updating of international literature in the elds of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery. Appointed member of the Planning Commission to put forward suggestions and opinions related to the institutional activities of the Italian Ministry of Health. Board member of the French Society of Vascular Surgery in 2007-10 and re-elected for 2010-13. President elected of the French Society of Vascular Surgery for the year 2013.