Oral pathology and implantology

Oral Medicine and Pathology

In the UniSR-HSR Center for Oral Medicine and Pathology the main topics of the present and past research activities in the areas of oral medicine and pathology has been focused on:

  • the epidemiology, the pathophysiology and clinical symptoms of xerostomia and hyposalivation;
  • the associations and relations between oral and systemic health, mainly centered on the correlations between oral biofilms, oral inflammation, gingival and periodontal diseases and pregnancy complications such as preterm birth and low birth weight;
  • the relation between tissue and salivary markers of systemic and oral diseases;
  • the early diagnosis of oral cancer and the risk of malignancy in the oral potentially malignant diseases;
  • the epidemiology and pathophysiology of drug-related jaw bone osteonecrosis and new therapeutic approach to the condition (low level laser therapy).