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Ivana Benzoni


Embryo transfer rederivation is the safest technique to obtain healthy mice from any contaminated or unproven mouse facility or colony.

Contaminated animals are housed in CFCM facility in isolated units until the time-point of rederivation. After collecting oocytes or blastocysts from the infected animal, embryos are transferred into SPF-CD1 recipient females. Three days after embryo transfer, the recipient animals are moved from our SPF animal house to a specific pathogen-free barrier unit.

The offspring born following embryo transfer remains at the pathogen-free barrier unit until the serological test has been performed and confirmed to be negative (ca. 8-9 weeks after birth). From here the animals are directly delivered to researcher's animal facility.


  • Only 3 to 5 adult males between 2 and 4 months of age are accepted.
  • No female mice are housed in CFCM facility.

NOTE: The rederivation will not be performed until the Researcher has tested and confirmed the housed animal’s genotype.