ThermoFisher ArrayScan XTI HCA ReaderThermoFisher-ArrayScan-XTI


  • Fluar 5X (NA 0.25) Dry
  • EC Plan NEOFLUAR 10X (NA 0.3) Dry
  • Plan Apo 10X (NA 0.45) Dry
  • LD Plan NEOFLUAR 20x (NA 0.4) Dry
  • Plan Apo 20X (NA 0.8) Dry
  • LD A - Plan 40X (NA 0.55) Dry
  • EC Plan NEOFLUAR 40x (NA 0.75) Dry
  • Brightfield (contrast): yes (Digital Phase Contrast);
  • Fluor: yes;
  • Sensor: CCD Camera;
  • Max resolution: 2208x2208.
  • Z section: yes;
  • Time lapse: yes;
  • ROI Bleaching: no;
  • Other: automated hightroughput, microscopy sistem and analysis.


The ArrayScan XTI HCA Reader is a modular platform based on an automated epifluorescent inverted microscope from Carl Zeiss. The system is a bench top instrument that acquires multiple fluorescent or transmitted light images and that is equipped with: motorized stage with plate and slide insert, 14bit high-resolution CCD camera, a laser-based and a software-based autofocusing, live cell chamber module and liquid handling module. This technology combines automated fluorescence microscopy with multi-parameter quantitative image analysis by means of image processing tools called BioApplications that process every image and allow to obtain several quantitative parameters from each object in the image.

Image analysis is intuitive and does not require any scripting knowledge. Many are the assays that can be addressed and the measurements that can be obtained like cell counting, vesicle detection and counting, morphometric measurements, signal intensity measurements. On the flight analysis is available as well.

The system is equipped with HCS Studio Cell Analysis Software which is a software package that contains different applications, among which to be noted The HCS Studio Scan Application which is for acquisition and analysis and HCS Studio View Application that allows the visualization of images and data.

HCS Studio can also analyse .tiff format images produced by different instruments.

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