Axio Observer

Zeiss Axio Observer.Z1 with Hamamatsu EMCCD 9100 - 02Zeiss-AxioObserver


  • EC Plan - APOCHROMAT 5X (NA 0.16) Dry
  • Plan - APOCHROMAT 10 X (NA 0.45) Dry
  • Plan - NEOFLUAR 20X (NA 0.5) Dry
  • LD A - Plan 20 X (NA 0.3) Dry Ph1
  • LD A - Plan 32 X (NA 0.4) Dry Ph2
  • Plan - APOCHROMAT 63X (NA 1.4 ) Oil DIC
  • Brightfield (contrast): yes (PH, DIC);
  • Fluor: yes;
  • Sensor: EM CCD Camera;
  • Max resolution: 1000x1000.
  • Z section: no;
  • Time lapse: yes;
  • ROI Bleaching: no;
  • Other: automated filter-wheels and shutters.


As GFP - Imaging, Zeiss Axio Observer.Z1 is equipped with several imaging modes brightfield, phase-contrast, differential-interference contrast (or Nomarski), epi-fluorescence image acquisition with Hamamatsu 9100 - 02 EM CCD Camera.

Volocity Acquisition software is designed for easy image capture. Use the Light Path Manager to group together multiple hardware settings, such as a camera exposure, shutters controls and filter wheels positions so that you can quickly and accurately move between hardware configurations and save your protocols for future use so that experiments which you repeat regularly will be identical every time.

With Volocity Visualization and Volocity Quantitation link per in off-line workstations you can also provide to rapid, interactive, high resolution image rendering of your 2D, 3D and 4D data sets in order to achieve the best results from your data and to analyze structure and function in 3D and 4D image data. Objects can be also identified, measured and tracked in 2D, 3D and 4D.

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