Leica SP2 Confocal

Leica TCS SP2 Laser Scanning Confocal


  • HC PL APO CS 10X (NA 0.4) Imm.
  • HC PL APO CS 20X (NA 0.7) Imm.
  • HCX PL APO CS 40X (NA 1.25) Oil
  • HCX PL APO CS 63X (NA 1.4) Oil
  • HCX PL APO CS 63X (NA 1.2) Water
  • 405 nm (Diode)
  • 458 nm, 476 nm, 488 nm, 514 nm (Ar)
  • 543 nm (HeNe)
  • 633 nm (HeNe)
  • Brightfield (contrast): yes;
  • Fluor: yes;
  • Sensor: Tunable PMT with AOBS;
  • Max resolution: 4096x4096;
  • Z section: yes;
  • Time lapse: yes;
  • ROI Bleaching: yes;
  • Other: Incubator (37°) / Spectral analysis.


Leica TCS SP2 is a laser scanning confocal microscope with electronically controlled and freely definable AOBS (Acousto - Optical Beam Splitter). This element replaces the conventional primary dichroic mirror in the scan head for reflecting excitation light and transmitting emitted fluorescent light. With the AOBS, a freely programmable and highly efficient single or multi-chroic beam splitter has been achieved. Highly sensitive detectors are optimized for different spectral bands.

Leica Confocal Software (LCS) complements the optics and electronics by providing a user-configurable interface, easy to use for the occasional user yet powerful to control the most advanced experiments. In addition to multi-dimensional control & analysis, advanced multi-color restoration and spectral un-mixing software allow the efficient elimination of residual crosstalk between spectrally over lapping dyes.

Leica TCS SP2 spectral confocal system provides a spectral scanning range from UV to IR. Investigators can use a large variety of fluorescent probes.

This system is equipped by microscope cage incubator in order to maintain 37° C cell col ture all around microscopy workstation.

Download the hands-on guide