Mavig Confocal

Maving RS-G4 Confocal

Maving Confocal

ObjectivesMavig Confocal
  • Olympus PlanApo N 2X (NA 0.08 ) Dry
  • Olympus UPlanFL N 10X (NA 0.30) Dry
  • Olympus UApo/340 20X (NA 0.75) Dry
  • Olympus UApo/340 40X (NA 0.9) Dry
Laserlines (solid state)
  • 405 nm
  • 488 nm
  • 561 nm
  • 638 nm
  • 785 nm
  • Brightfield (contrast): (brightfield);
  • Fluor: yes;
  • Sensor: PMT;
  • Max resolution: 1024 x 1024 (Maximum Mapped Field: 80 x 120 mm)
  • 16-bit dynamic range
  • Z section: yes;
  • Time lapse: yes;
  • ROI Bleaching: no;
  • Other: mortorized stage, Strip mosaic scan, Online Stitching, Reflectance imaging.


Mavig RS-G4 is a super fast Resonant-Scanning Confocal Microscope.  The proprietary scanner engine of the RS-G4 scans horizontal stripes of any specimen by continuously moving the stage and allows an extremely fast image acquisition of large areas (The maximum possible mapped field is 120 mm x 80 mm).

 This system is about 10 times faster than the fastest Confocals and creates large-scale multi-dimensional images with a submicron precision.

Slashing image acquisition time with high-accuracy strip mapping gives you a superior source for analysis and dramatically reduces the time required to complete experiments (from weeks to few hours).

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