Nikon A1 MP

Nikon A1R MP + with Coheren t Chameleon Ultra IINikon-A1R_MP


  • Plan Fluor 4 X (NA 0.13) dry
  • Apo LWD 25 X (NA 1.1) Water Plan
  • Apo IR 60X (NA 1.27) WI Water
  • Ti: Sapphire MP tunable laser (680 - 1080 nm)
  • Brightfield (contrast): yes (DIC);
  • Fluor: yes;
  • Sensor: GaAsP NDD;
  • Max resolution: 2048x2048.
  • Z section: yes;
  • Time lapse: yes;
  • ROI Bleaching: Yes;
  • Other: MultiPhoton Excitation, Motorized stage, Resonant


Nikon’s A1 R MP+ multiphoton microscope provide faster and sharper “ deep ” imaging in biological samples. High sensitive GaAsP NDD detectors and high Numerical Aperture objectives allow optimum multiphoton imaging configuration. The Nikon Resonant scanner capable of full fields of view imaging at much higher speed for live imaging applications.

An unique auto laser alignement function, automatically maximizes IR laser alignement when wavelength excitation is changed simply clicking on NIS-Elements software.

A Coherent Chameleon Ultra II multiphoton features the widest tuning range and highest power (more than 3 Watts) at any wavelength between 680 to 1080nm. At 40 nm/s Chameleon has the fastest tuning speed on the market. A faster tuning range means that you can take images with different excitation wavelengths at a faster pace.

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