Olympus Confocal

Olympus FluoVIEW FV3000RS Confocal

  • UPLXAPO 4X (NA 0.16) Dry
  • UPLXAPO 10X (NA 0.40) Dry
  • UPLXAPO 20X (NA 0.8) Dry
  • UPLXAPO 60XO (NA 1.42) Oil
  • UPLSAPO 60XS (NA 1.3) Sil
  • UPLSAPO 30X (NA 1.05) Sil
Laserlines (solid state)
  • 405 nm
  • 445 nm
  • 488 nm
  • 514 nm
  • 561 nm
  • 594 nm
  • 640 nm
  • Brightfield (contrast): yes (DIC);
  • Fluor: yes;
  • Sensor: GaAsP;
  • Max resolution: 1024 x 1024;
  • Z section: yes;
  • Time lapse: yes;
  • ROI Bleaching: yes;
  • Other: mortorized stage, environment control, macro imaging.


FluoVIEW FV 3000 is a complete and flexible confocal platform, enabling and coupling high sensitivity multi-channel spectral and high-speed imaging. The proprietary TruSpectral detection technology combines the flexibility of a spectral detector with the sensitivity of a filter-based detector.

The confocal optical design of the FV3000 supports macro to micro imaging quickly switching from low magnification overview to high-magnification and even super-resolution.

Olympus silicone immersion objectives deliver excellent performance for live cell imaging. The refractive index of silicone oil is close to that of living tissue, enabling high-resolution observation deep inside living tissue with minimal spherical aberration. This refractive index match delivers an ideal focal volume, resulting in perfect volume reconstruction and enabling high resolution confocal imaging of large living organisms.

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