PerkinElmer Confocal

PerkinElmer UltraVIEW ERS Spinning Disk Confocal with VolocityPerkinElmer-UltraVIEW-ERS-with-Volocity


  • EC Plan - NEOFLUAR 20X (NA 0.4 5) Dry
  • Plan - APOCHROMAT 63X (NA 1.4) Oil
  • Other objectives available if necessary
  • 405 nm , 440 nm, 640 nm (Diode)
  • 488 nm , 514 nm (Ar)
  • 568 nm (DPSS)
  • Brightfield (contrast): yes (DIC);
  • Fluor: yes;
  • Sensor: EM CCD Camera;
  • Max resolution: 990x900;
  • Z section: yes (piezo);
  • Time lapse: yes;
  • ROI Bleaching: no;
  • Other: Stage incubator.


The Perkin Elmer UltraVIEW Spinning Disk Confocal Microscopes is an ultra rapid confocal system for images live cells at very high resolution (Real-time confocal imaging). It can be used for both multi-color fluorescent protein studies where speed and emission discrimination are crucial and experiments that require long time courses. Reduced photo-toxicity and photo-bleaching enabling observation of cellular processes to completion. EM-CCD Hamamatsu C9100 allows follow highly dynamic processes, or very dim, or light-sensitive samples. They are possible 3-D, 4-D, and 5-D imaging capability with Volocity software for 3D viewing. This system is equipped with a stage incubator from OkoLab to work very well in keeping cell vital conditions monitored and stable, tuning in carefully and effectively temperature, CO2 and humidity.

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