BD FACSAriaThe BD FACSMelody is a user friendly, highly automized Cell Sorter making the complex world of cell sorting accessible to more researchers. It is a 4-way cell sorter, equipped with 3 lasers (405nm, 488nm and 561nm) and a fixed 100um nozzle.

The BD FACSMelody minimizes manual steps and simplifies the workflow with smart automation. Indeed, a streamlined workflow eliminates manual setup of the stream and monitoring of the sort thus minimizing hands-on time.

Moreover, the software, named BD FACSChorus, guides the operator through the entire cell sorting process with its intuitive interface, on-screen instructions and tips and simple-to-read reports.

The BD FACSMelody training course takes at least three practical sessions, and it is intended only for users with a previous experience in flow cytometry.

FEES€ 40,50/h

Download the sorter template