BD FACSymphony A5 SORP

Symphony Analyzer

Symphony Analyzer

Number available for use: 1

The BD FACSymphony™ system is a novel cell analyzer, features an ultra-quiet VPX electronics system that supports up to 50 high-performance photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) and improves detection sensitivity to enable you to identify and analyze rare cell types and events. This high parameter flow cytometer is a powerful analytical tool that enables scientists to identify and analyze distinctive phenotypes in heterogeneous populations.

Innovation in detection-array technology has allowed for a decagon formation to detect 10 parameters on a single laser line.

As a Special Order Research Product (SORP), the BD FACSymphony™ system offers 25 laser wavelengths to optimally configure your instrument for your specific research application. Additionally, there are multiple power ratings for most lasers that can be adjusted, stored and recalled using the digital laser command and control functionality.

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