Monica Romano

Monica Romano

Location: DIBIT2 C1, Floor R, Room 39a

Sorting specialist, FRACTAL

As Sorting Specialist is responsible for executing different type of sorting. Her experience include operating and performing independently troubleshooting on cell sorters equipment, customizing the instrument to fulfill experimental needs of the user (rare events, different shape and dimension of cells), supporting in panel design and multi-parametric set up. Furthermore, she is a Quality Assurance representative for this ISO 9001:2015 certified laboratory.

Technical skills
Flow cytometry: expertise on Becton Dickinson and Beckman Coulter instrumentations; QC using the Spherotech Rainbow Calibration Beads and BD Cytometer Setup and Tracking Beads
Cell sorting: BC and BD cell sorter; daily startup and routine maintenance of cell sorter; work on a flexible schedule; work in BLS-2 environment.
Analysis software for flow cytometry: BD and BC software; FCS Express.
Quality Assurance: Support organization knowledge, PDCA approach, risk based thinking
Molecular biology: plasmidic DNA transformation; agarose gel electrophoresis; yeast cell transformation; PCR; western blot.
Biophysics: biomimetic membrane preparation as lamellar phase or vesicle; X-ray scattering in SAXS e WAXS domain; DSC measurement.
Biochemistry: protein extraction and purification; dialysis; HPTLC.