Simona Di Terlizzi

Simona di Terlizzi

Location: DIBIT2 C1, Floor R, Room 41a

Flow cytometry and cell sorting specialist, FRACTAL

Simona is involved in supporting researchers in the design and implementation of their experiments using state-of-the-art flow cytometry analyzers and performing cell sorting. She is also responsable in training new users of equipment and application software.

Technical skills
Flow cytometry: expertise with Becton Dickinson and Beckman Coulter instruments; QC using the Spherotech Rainbow Calibration Beads and BD Cytometer Setup and Tracking Beads; expertise in multiparameter flow cytometry; CFSE proliferation assay; cell cycle; small particles quantification and analysis; determination of anti-HLA antibodies with Flow-PRA method; CD137 assay for CD4+ and CD8+ specific activation; flow crossmatching; instructor in the initial training on the use of instrumentation.

Cell sorting: with Becton Dickinson and Beckman Coulter instruments.

Analysis software for flow cytometry: Summit software; BD DiVa software; CXP;Gallios Software; Cell Quest; FCS Express.

Molecular biology: genomic and plasmidic DNA extraction; RNA extraction and RT-PCR; PCR; nested-PCR; real time PCR; GeneScan; Spectratyping; western blot.

Cellular biology: Isolation and culture of various cell types; cryopreservation; Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction (MLR); cloning by limiting dilution; cytotoxicity assays using Chromium-51 release; proliferation assay (CFSE and 3H-thymidine); ELISA; Elispot; magnetic beads separation; CBA (BD) and LEGENDplex (Biolegend) for cytokines quantification;