Experimental hematology

Giulia Di Lullo


Email: dilullo.giulia@hsr.it
Location: DIBIT 1, Floor 1, Room 19

Projet manager, Experimental Hematology Unit

Giulia Di Lullo graduated and got her PhD in Medical Biotechnologies with Prof. Antonio G. Siccardi, at the University of Milan. As a PhD student she attended Prof. Siccardi’s laboratory of Molecular Immunology at IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele (Milan), and developed recombinant Modified Vaccinia Virus Ankara (MVA)-based viral vectors intended for human vaccination. As a junior postdoc she moved to Bellinzona (Switzerland) to work with Prof. Antonio Lanzavecchia in his laboratory of Immune Regulation, in the Institute for Research in Biomedicine. There she studied the biology of B-lymphocyte-mediated immunity and characterized pathogenic autoreactive antibodies causing human autoimmune diseases. In 2008 she moved back to IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele, where she joined as a senior postdoc the laboratory of Tumor Immunology, headed by Dr. Maria Pia Protti, and studied the specificity and functionality of tumor-infiltrating T lymphocytes. Since June 2019 she has started a new career as the Program Manager of AIRC 5x1000 Program “Advanced Therapies on liver metastases”, coordinated by Prof. Chiara Bonini.