Age related diseases

Simone Cenci

Simone Cenci

Location: DIBIT1 A1, Floor 4, Room 18a

Group leader, Age related diseases Unit

Simone Cenci, M.D. is a geriatrician/gerontologist with a strong background in bone pathophysiology and a long-standing interest in the biology of plasma cells (PCs), terminally differentiated immune effectors of antibody responses, and their malignant counterpart, multiple myeloma (MM).

During his post-doctoral training at Washington University in St. Louis (1998-2003), he identified novel immune mechanisms of involutional bone loss. Then, at IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele he gained independence investigating protein homeostasis in PC differentiation, discovering proteotoxic stress as an inbuilt regulator of PC lifespan and antibody production. His lab contributed a deeper understanding of the molecular bases of apoptotic sensitivity of MM to proteasome inhibitors, a paradigm of cancer proteostasis addiction, and disclosed an unanticipated role of autophagy in PC ontogenesis and humoral immunity.

Recent work in the Cenci Lab explored the autophagic control of protein and organelle homeostasis in malignant PCs, revealing novel stress features and an unprecedented non-oncogene addiction of MM to autophagy-related circuits, which hold promise for the identification of new molecular targets and markers of clinical use against PC cancers. Dr. Cenci’s enduring interest in bone cell biology and in the skeletal microenvironment prompted his lab to deploy diverse integrated approaches to explore the vicious relationship of myeloma with the bone marrow.