Genetics and cell biology

Biomolecular nuclear magnetic resonance


Group leader

Giovanna Musco


The group uses biomolecular NMR spectroscopy coupled to biochemical, biophysical and computational methods to study the structure/function activity of proteins (or protein domains) involved in human diseases (e.g. cancer, genetic diseases).

Research activity

The unit is interested in:

  1. the structure, dynamics and activity of chromatin interacting domains (e.g. PHD domains, BRD domains) present in transcriptional regulators involved in cancer and or genetic diseases (e.g. Sp140, NSD1);
  2. identifying small molecules able to inhibit the activity of extracellular receptors highly expressed in tumours (e.g.avb3 integrin) or in inflammation conditions (e.g. HMGB1);
  3. applying NMR as analytical technique in metabolomics.