Michele Simonato

Michele Simonato

Location: DIBIT1 A3, Floor 3, Room 72

Research associate, Division of neuroscience
Full professor, Università degli Studi di Ferrara

The goal of my research is to develop innovative and advanced therapies for neurological diseases. In particolar, my research activity is focused on:

  • Developing gene therapy vectors for neurological diseases, based on herpes simplex;
  • Understanding the involvement of neurotrophic factors in the development of lesional epilepsies;
  • Identifying new therapeutic targets and developing of new delivery strategies (gene therapy);
  • Studying Neuropeptide systems (dynorphin, OFQ/N, somatostatin, NPY, bradykinin) as therapeutic targets for temporal lobe epilepsy;
  • Using MicroRNA as biomarkers and therapeutic targets for temporal lobe epilepsy.