RNA Biology of the Neuron


Group leader

Jean-Michel Cioni


Armenise harvard

Our research focuses on understanding how neuronal networks are established and maintained throughout the life of an organism.

Neurons are morphologically complex and highly polarized cells that require the tight control of their proteome at the subcellular level. The local synthesis of proteins in restricted neuronal compartments, such as axons, dendrites and synapses, is crucial for neuronal function and survival. Highlighting the importance of this biological process, dysregulation of mRNA transport and/or translation has been linked to several neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders.

Our laboratory studies the molecular mechanisms underlying the transport and translation of specific mRNAs in neuronal subdomains, and the physiological role of this process in neuronal development and function. Additionally, we investigate how alterations in post-transcriptional mRNA regulation participate to the etiology behind neurological disorders.

Open positions

We are looking for a post-doc with technical expertise in cellular biology, biochemistry and general molecular biology, as wells as a strong interest in cellular and molecular neuroscience. Main activities:

  • live-cell imaging;
  • cellular and molecular biology;
  • biochemistry;
  • genome-wide analysis.

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