Inflammatory Central Nervous System Disorders

Vittorio Martinelli

Vittorio Martinelli

Location: DIMER, Floor 1

Senior physician, Inflammatory central nervous system disorders Unit
Head, Multiple Sclerosis Center

Dr. Vittorio Martinelli is Associate Chief of the Neurological Division, Coordinator of the Multiple Sclerosis  Center and Head of the Clinical Research Unit Inflammatory CNS Disorders at IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele, Milan, Italy. He has been involved in several international multicenter clinical trials studying the efficacy and safety of new drugs for the treatment of different phases of MS.

Dr Martinelli has authored or co-authored 280 scientific papers in peer reviewed national and international Scientific Journals, covering different aspects of MS such as epidemiology, diagnosis, conventional therapies, neuro-immunology, experimental MRI techniques, neurophysiological measures, cognitive impairment, and the impact of the disease on patient life.