Translational stem cell and leukemia

Bernhard Gentner

Bernhard Gentner

Location: DIBIT1 A3, Floor 2, Room 53

Group leader, Translational stem cell and leukemia Unit
Staff Hematologist (CHRU), Clinical research Unit

My education, characterized by alternating and concurrent phases of broadly oriented clinical training and experimental laboratory work, was at all times geared towards becoming a physician scientist driven by the principle of excellence in research and clinical care. I established myself as a Haematologist and have become an integral part of the clinical team of the San Raffaele Hematology and Stem Cell Transplantation Unit. At the same time, I raised my own research group, which is trained and skilled in a broad spectrum of experimental techniques.

These two conditions represent crucial assets for successfully carrying out the function of a physician scientist and establish a model of research that truly goes "from bench to bedside and back again". I am also co-founder of Genenta Science, an innovative start-up company focused on the development of cancer immunotherapy, recently listed on Nasdaq.