Extracellular Microenvironment

Massimo Alfano

Massimo Alfano

Email: alfano.massimo@hsr.it
Location: DIBIT2 A1, Floor 2, Room 23

Group leader, Extracellular microenvironment Unit

Massimo Alfano is a biologist with experience in the field of preclinical and translational research. He has developed extensive scientific expertise and gained managerial skills allowing him to interact with national and international granting agencies, as well as with multi- and inter-disciplinary scientists to design integrated approaches to different diseases, including both non-oncology and oncology fields.

The focus of Massimo Alfano’s research is to apply knowledge from basic science to techniques and tools that may really address clinical (unmet) needs. From a prospective standpoint, the identification of changes occurring in the extracellular matrix and in the tissue-associated microbiome will ideally support the identification of new extracellular targets for the delivery of more targeted interventions.

The identification of the ECM modifications that the research group reported in the last years led to a European project that Massimo Alfano coordinates, which focus on the design of novel technological platforms to promote non-invasive early diagnosis, eradication and prevention of bladder cancer relapse (https://www.edit-h2020.eu/).

Massimo Alfano studied at the University of Milan where he obtained the following diplomas:

  • PhD in Physiopathology, Clinics and Diagnostics of the Immunocompromized Host (2001);
  • Post-Graduate Course in Scientific Communication (1995);
  • State License in Biological Sciences (1993);
  • M.SC. in Biological Sciences (1992).