Urological research institute

Massimo Alfano

Massimo Alfano

Email: alfano.massimo@hsr.it
Location: DIBIT2 A1, Floor 2, Room 23

Senior researcher, Extracellular microenvironment

Research activity

My group research focuses on the role the extracellular microenvironment play on the onset and progression of diseases in the context of urological pathologies.

From a prospective standpoint, the identification of changes occurring in the biochemical, physical and 3D ultrastructural features of the extracellular matrix associated to diseased tissues will support the identification of new extracellular targets for the delivery of more targeted interventions, as well as the identification of upstream pathways to design innovative therapeutic strategies. Likewise, the characterization of the tissue-associated microbiome represents the second microenvironment studied, which will allow to identifying therapeutic strategies for the engagement prebiotic and/or probiotic therapies in dysbiotic conditions.

The group has strong translational focus, and collaborates with several national and international researchers with different scientific expertise to accomplish an integrated view of the disease.