Experimental Imaging Center

Molecular imaging


Head of Unit

Maria Picchio


The research interests of the molecular imaging group are to provide technical capabilities and scientific expertise for integrating cutting-edge, multi-modality imaging into basic, translational, and clinical research. Our research activity is particularly focused on the use of integrated molecular imaging modalities, PET/CT and the very innovative fully hybrid PET/MRI system, with the use of different PET radiopharmaceuticals, for in vivo studies in different diseases.

Research activity

Main fields of research include:

  • the use of molecular imaging modalities for the evaluation of cancer patients, for risk stratification and monitoring response to therapy;
  • the clinical and the predictive/prognostic impact of integrated molecular imaging modalities in neoplasms;
  • the development of innovative PET tracer for a deep knowledge of cancer disease.

Overall aim of the research is the set-up of new non-invasive diagnostic imaging methods to be transferred in clinical practice for the optimization of diagnosis, prognosis and therapy in oncology.