Corrado Masciullo

Masciullo Corrado

Location: DIBIT2 A3, Floor 4

Software engineer, Bioinformatics

Corrado Masciullo is a passionate full-stack web developer with several years of experience in design, development and integration of web applications. He is highly skilled and confident in all major aspects of software production, from testing to deployment. He has gained experience working as a freelance for small projects as well as in consultancy for big clients, and now works in scientific research, at IRCCS San Raffaele, in the Center for Omics Sciences.

He is mostly a backender and oriented towards containerized microservice-oriented architecture, as the only way to create wide enterprise applications. However, he also plays with frontend as he is really interested in UX Design and likes to face directly graphic design and usability aspects. Hence, following-up on the most recent changes, over the past few years, he started bringing application business logic into the browser. According to this evolution, he has moved from ruby to javascript and, at the same time, from Ruby On Rails to EmberJS and React framework technologies