Omics Sciences



Area coordinator

Marco Morelli


The Bioinformatics research area is committed to an accurate and thorough analysis of sequencing data, using state-of-the-art methods and pipelines. A constant focus is kept on transferring bioinformatics knowledge to collaborators and providing support in the interpretation of the results.

Research activity

The Bioinformatics research area has developed a thorough expertise in the analysis of next-generation sequencing data. Over the years, the team has perfectioned a series of automated pipelines which efficiently process raw data in quantities of direct biological interest, like DNA variants os set of differentially expressed genes.

The current pipelines analyse:

  • genomic data (WES, WGS, panels)
  • transcriptomic data (RNA-seq, both bulk and single cell)
  • epigenomic data (ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq, methylation)

Besides, the Bioinformatics research area manages a large number of scientific projects and collaborations, both within and outside the hospital, where custom analyses are tailored to answer specific research questions, using the most appropriate bioinformatics tools. A specific effort is devoted in transferring basic bioinformatics knowledge to our collaborators, and fostering the development of a shared language to improve communication across disciplines and backgrounds.