Edoardo Pedrini

Edoardo Pedrini

Location: DIBIT1 A4, Floor 5, Room 10

Computational biologist, Bioinformatics
Computational biologist, Division of Neuroscience

Edoardo Pedrini is a biotechnologist with experience in both wet and dry research. During his doctoral studies, he had the chance to work in Huang's lab (Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle, WA), studying cancer drug resistance and the role of cancer heterogeneity and cell plasticity. He has been trained to perform and analyse single-cell transcriptomic data.

Since 2017 he has been working under Dr Medina's supervision (Queen's University, Belfast, UK). He worked with progenitor endothelial cells to perform and analyse bulk and sc-RNAseq data and automate image analysis routines.

Currently, he works as a computational biologist for the Center for Omics Science, working on spatial transcriptomic, and for the Institute of Experimental Neurology of the IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital, Milan (Italy), supporting the research group led by Dr Martina Absinta. His work focuses on analysing bulk and sc omic datasets.