Guido Scicolone

Scicolone Guido

Location: DIBIT2 A4, Floor 4, Room 15

Computational biologist, Bioinformatics

Guido Scicolone is a software developer with several years of experience in the design, development, integration of web applications. He started as a consultant many years ago and worked for big customers in Bank, Insurance and Telecommunication field. His last experience was as CTO in a Digital Agency, where he focused on IT Department management. He was involved in staff selection, training and management, suppliers selection and Project Management and planning, and Product Management. During these years, he worked with Cloud technologies like Docker and AWS Cloud products (CloudFormation, EC2, EKS and more) used to design Applications built for collecting a great amount of data from Social Networks API (Facebook Graph, Twitter and more). Now he works in scientific research, at IRCCS San Raffaele, in the Center for Omics Sciences.

As software developer, he focused on back-end development. He gained experience also in System Engineer, Continuous Integration, Disaster Recovery automation and DevOps topics. His career started many years ago with Visual Basic and ASP development, switched to Java for a while, then switched to Ruby language and Ruby On Rails framework. Sometimes he put himself into an uncomfortable zone, challenging frontend development using React framework.