Jose Manuel Garcia Manteiga

Garcia Manteiga

Location: DIBIT2 A3, Floor 3

Computational biologist, Bioinformatics

Jose Manuel Garcia Manteiga is a biochemist and molecular biologist (University of Barcelona, Spain) with a keen interest in 'omics sciences, in particular, transcriptomics and metabolomics. He is experienced in biochemistry and molecular biology in particular on transport across the plasma membrane, redox biology and metabolomics. During his undergraduate studies, he joined a project on "Gene Therapy using oncosuppressive genes in pancreatic cancer" and acquired experience on in vitro gene therapy using adenoviral vectors. He achieved his PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, investigating the role of nucleoside transporters in drug sensitivity of pancreatic cancer and contributed to the studies of the regulation of such transporters in pancreatic cells and macrophages. After a first post-doctoral experience in Italy giving insight into the biochemistry and cellular biology of a protein tyrosine phosphatase and contributing to describe its role on cell migration, he joined the lab of professor Sitia at IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele, Milan (Italy). There, he has worked on the cellular model of plasma cell differentiation and studied its redox biology and metabolic stress by the use of fluorescent protein sensors and metabolomics. Finally, he has joined the Center for Omics Sciences at IRCCS San Raffaele, where he has worked since then as a computational biologist. His interests fall within the whole genomics field with a particular interest in gene expression, ChIP-Seq, ATAC-Seq and -omics integration. He is involved in several projects and is the coauthor of over 30 publications in scientific journals.