Genetics and cell biology

Osteoporosis and Bone and Mineral Metabolism


Research associate

Alessandro Rubinacci


The Osteoporosis and Bone and Mineral Metabolism Unit is a translational unit that combines the research activity with a large outpatients care, dedicated to the study and treatment of osteoporosis and metabolic bone and mineral diseases. The ultimate goal of the unit is to translate research knowledge into the improvement of clinical practice in the large scenario of bone loss syndromes.

Research activity

The research results constitute innovative contributions to the physiopathology of bone and mineral metabolism, particularly in the fields of bone involvement in mineral homeostasis, pathogenesis of osteoporosis e subsequent bone fragility, endocrine regulation of osteoblast activity, and biochemical markers of bone turnover. Moreover, the Unit has a long-standing experience in pharmacological trials for drugs development and validation, and has notably contributed to the characterization of several animal models associated to skeletal defects.