Protein transport and secretion

Eelco van Anken

Eelco Van Anken

Location: DIBIT1 A3, Floor 4, Room 60

Fellow, Protein transport and secretion Unit

During his research activity, Eelco van Anken has developed models for dissecting the intricacies of how the UPR evaluates and alleviates ER-stress. He recently determined that ER-stress sensing occurs in a ratiometric fashion: ER-stress sensors determine the ratio of levels of ER-client proteins requiring folding assistance from the key ER-resident chaperone BiP versus the levels of BiP, such that the signaling amplitude of the UPR is commensurate with the need for folding assistance. Activation of the UPR entails that UPR-specific transcription factors jointly initiate genetic programs that reinforce expression of all components that are necessary to expand the ER, including BiP. Successful ER homeostatic readjustment is achieved when BiP levels eclipse those of clients again. Currently van Anken focus on elucidating the molecular mechanisms of how the UPR serves to evaluate the success of ER homeostatic readjustment, and how it contributes to initiating pro-apoptotic pathways when ER homeostatic readjustment fails.