Immunology, Transplantation and Infectious diseases

Lymphocyte activation


Group leader

Anna Mondino


Our goal is to gain a deeper understanding of the cellular and molecular mechanisms at the basis of adaptive T cell responses and tumor cell behavior. On one side this unit is dissecting the intracellular events controlling primary T cell activation and differentiation into memory cells, on the other we are tracing their behaviors in vivo in mouse models recapitulating human diseases. To these aims, we have developed tools allowing for the genetic engineering and for the tracing of antigen and tumor-specific T cells in physiological and pathological conditions.

Research activity

Current efforts are focused on two distinct and yet interconnected lines of research.

The first relates to the characterization of the role of mTOR, STAT3 and Sin3A in primary lymphocyte differentiation and in transformed cell behavior. 

The second aims at validating novel adoptive T cell therapies based on the combination of engineered T cells with tumor-stroma targeting strategies, epigenetic drugs or local fractionated radiotherapy for the cure of solid tumors.

PhD Program

Please refer to the PhD studentships section in UniSR website for further details on how to apply. We offer PhD positions in two curricula: