Paroxysmal events


Senior physician

Fabio Minicucci


The research group is mostly involved in the evaluation of epileptic manifestations, in particular in the study of the electroencephalographic and therapeutic characteristics of Status Epilepticus (SE). Data collection is currently being completed on three relevant clinical aspects.

Research activity

  • The first study is related to the risk of relapse of seizures after suspension of therapy in patients with a good control of seizures for at least 3 years.
  • The second one is related to a comparison between detectable alterations in magnetic resonance imaging and EEG pattern in patients with SE. The relation between these two instrumental examinations could be useful in the future to decide which elements should be taken into consideration not only for diagnosis, but also for the therapeutic management of SE.
  • The third study, with a data collection that is still under completion, will come on discussing the possibility of replacing valproate. In women taking valproic acid, there are an increasingly risks related to pregnancy. This evidence forced the Italian and European regulators to a strict position concerning the use of drugs in pregnancy age women. The research strategy provided for mandatory treatment modification for all women followed at our Center and the next follow-up for a comparison with previous therapeutic lines.

Recently, has been submitted for publication a study on the global benefits coming from the introduction of a new transmucosal antiepileptic drug (midazolam), for the treatment in emergency of prolonged seizures and SE. This latest research activity is the most recent one and follows previous studies in cooperation with the italian study group on Status epilepticus.